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Our Story

Vinayak Agrawal, the face behind this food space, after finishing his engineering in 2016 wanted to open a unique cafe. With no idea on how to go forward, he decided to travel and explore. Spending some time on the road, he eventually realised that he is on a self-designed learning and spiritual journey to discover himself, learn from life and its various experiences with food as a medium. Den by Hungryhitchhiker is an outcome of that exploration.

Our History

  • Our Journey Begins...

  • Happy Panda backpacker hostel

    Goa (Jun 2016): Started cooking for a bunch of 10 artists working there.

  • Foodwalks

    Jaipur (Aug 2016 onwards): Began exploring street food of my home city Jaipur.

  • Ahimsagram

    Jaipur (Aug 2016 - Feb 2017): Realised and learned how to cook food that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

  • Himalayas Calling...

  • Cafe Cloud Door

    Bir, Himanchal (May 2017): Managed a cafe and realised my love for woodfire cooking.

  • Bodhi greens vegan restaurant

    Dharamshala, Himanchal (June 2017): Understood the workings of a big restaurant.

  • I'm back, Rajasthan!

  • Jeeman saathi

    (November-December 2017): Cycled around Rajasthan covering 2000kms, understanding the food culture and living in a tent at a bare minimum amount.

  • Jaipur Rugs

    (May 2018- June 2019): First experience of being a chef and a food consultant in a corporate house.

  • Eat local

    (June 2019-August 2019): Connecting organic farmers directly to the consumer with the thought being ‘know your food grower’.

  • Den by Hungry HitchHiker

    (Sept 2019-present): Started working on my dream foodspace for which I have been exploring all these years.

Our Ideologies

We believe traditional wisdom in cooking processes helps in creating food that is healthy as well as tasty, and is more efficient in utilizing ingredients and minimizing wastages.

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