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Den is a food space that works by using local and seasonal ingredients for cooking. With the ethos of sustainability, we do not limit ourselves to any cuisine or approach. However, we do have a knack for using traditional cooking techniques from around the world, especially when it comes to cooking with woodfire. We believe this traditional wisdom produces food that is healthy, tasty and at the same time reduces the amount of waste produced.

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We believe in spreading awareness about sustainable meals and provide all in one support for all of your food needs. Hence, we have the following services to offer.

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Built up inside an old haveli from scratch by Vinayak himself with the help of his community, the place signifies a lot of emotions...


No matter what’s the purpose, something that combines us all is food on every occasion. When we combine this with our ideology of...

Tiffin Services

Based on our ideologies, we provide healthy and organic (as much as possible) tiffin service using local and seasonal ingredients...

Learning Space

The Den is not just a café but it is a learning space where you can take your first step towards a healthy lifestyle...

Food Walks

We are a bunch of Hungry kids trying to explore our city on foot while discovering its most essential values. Culture, Arts and People ...

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